Search Tips

Search Tips

Type one or more words in the "Search Words" text box at upper left, then click the adjacent "Go" or "Search" button (or similarly labeled button) to submit your query. The Search tool will match the words in your query to the words in the Knowledge Base and file descriptions of the Downloads section. Matching articles and downloads will be listed by title and will include an excerpt of the article or related details.

Boolean searching and wildcards
You can use boolean operators such as + or - to include or exclude certain words when searching. Double quotes can be used to mark a phrase as an exact phrase to search. For example: bug -mac +"software patch" will find articles with the word "bug", the phrase "software patch", but without the word "mac". The * character is the wildcard character. For example, you can find "Parature" by searching Para*.

Search Type:
Your query can be a word, phrase, or something specific to the Search Type you choose. You can decide if you want Search to match:

  • All words
    This option returns results that contain at least one occurrence of every word or quoted phrase you typed. Note that Search automatically filters out common words like "a", "and", "the", "these", and other common words. If you get too few results, use the Any words option.

  • Any words (Natural Language)
    This option returns results containing at least one occurrence of at least one of the words or quoted phrases you entered. If your query is in the form of a question, this it the best option, as it uses Natural Language to better understand your query. Note that Search automatically filters out common words like "a", "and", "the", "these", and other common words. This is the least specific type of search. If you get too many results, use the All words option.

  • Exact phrase
    This option returns only those results that contain at least one occurrence of the exact string of words you typed in the exact order you entered them. Search is not case sensitive, nor is it affected by punctuation in exact phrase searches. In an Exact phrase search, you can type in the exact text of an error message or article headline, if you have this information. You do not need to add quotes.

  • Topic ID
    This option allows you to search for a knowledge base reference by topic ID number.

Modified Within:
You can restrict your search by when each topic was last modified.

Within Category:
You can restrict your search by narrowing the category and sub-categories a topic must be in.

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