What is CAU s Technical Support Procedure?

What is CAU's Technical Support Procedure?

CAU has a tri-level Technical Support Procedure.

Level One:  Parature 24/7 Knowledge Base

At this level, individuals are able to search the Knowledge Base for answers to technical support questions.  If the answer to the technical support problem is not provided, the individual can chat directly with a technical support representative during office business hours.  In addition, the individual has the option to create a technical support ticket.    

Level Two:  Technical Support Identification

At this level, the CAU ITS Service Representative assigns the technical support ticket to the appropriate department or area.  The assigned ITS Service Agent will complete an investigation and search for a resolution to the problem.  If the problem is resolved at this level, then the ticket will be closed and the individual will be contacted via CAU official email. 

Level Three:  External Technical Support

At this level, the CAU ITS Service Representative will escalate an unresolved Level Two Technical Support Ticket.  If the technical support ticket moves beyond the scope of resolution at the institution level, then an External Contractor will be contacted.  The individual will be notified via CAU official email on the status of the Technical Support Ticket.

Response is applicable to the both Miami and San Juan Campuses.

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