How Can Faculty Potentially Use Google Apps?

How Can Faculty Potentially Use Google Apps?

Create a Virtual Classroom

Faculty can maintain an online presence and conduct training by developing a class site using Google Sites. Create and edit your class site the same way you'd edit a document. No technical expertise required. Your site becomes a library where you post homework assignments, class content, class activities, events, docs, calendars, photos, videos and attachments.

Real-time editing, powerful sharing controls, and seamless compatibility allow faculty to also access, contribute to, and conduct training on shared folders with Google Docs. Students can get everything they need from one place.

Use Bboogle to Integrate Google Apps with Blackboard

Integrate Apps with Blackboard to make classroom sharing even easier using Google’s extensible APIs. Bboogle is an open-source API that allows instructors to efficiently use Google Apps' collaborative writing, data gathering, and site publishing tools within Blackboard. Bboogle automates tasks like creating and maintaining course groups. As a result, instructors and students can quickly and easily share their work with the entire class. Display documents, spreadsheets, presentations, videos, web forms, photo slide shows, and gadgets all in one place, with no coding required.

Develop Research Surveys

Faculty can conduct scholarly research by creating surveys to collect data for a research study. You can track several types of questions - including multiple choice, checkbox, and long answer. You can collect field data on the go on a phone too!

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