How Can CAU Students Potentially Use Google Apps?

How Can CAU Students Potentially Use Google Apps?

Link and Send Email from Multiple Accounts

Want to manage all your school and personal emails in one place? Add your other personal SunMail (Gmail) or group email accounts and send from them in Google Apps!


Easily Revert Back To a Previous Version of a Document

Say goodbye to emails with large attachments! Work on the same group paper or project at the same time using Google Docs. If something is accidentally deleted or changed, you can easily revert back to a previous version using the Revision History feature. 

 You Can Post Your Study Notes Online

Students can share lecture and study notes with ease using Google Docs, by assigning different note-takers for certain days or weeks, or creating a study guides to share with the class. You can even translate directly in Docs for any non-English speakers. You will also never have to worry about losing your notes again because they're all saved online!

 Be Prepared For the Next Campus Job Fair

Never worry about forgetting to bring your resume to bring to a campus career fair! Upload your resume into Google Docs so you can access it from any device at any time. Creating a career or academic ePortfolio to showcase your experiences for internships, jobs, or grad school is simple to do.

 Develop Flashcards for Classes and Tests

Ace your next exam by using the Spreadsheet Flash Cards Gadget in Google Docs to study for your classes! Share your flash cards with others so you can study together.

 Work Together On Group Projects Efficiently

It's ok if you forget your thumb drive on the day of a presentation project if you use Google Docs online! Since your presentation is developed and stored on the Internet, you can easily collaborate on a presentation with your peers without ever having to worry about sending a single email attachment. Simply create or upload a new presentation, and then add collaborators who can edit it at the same time. You can even archive a class project or thesis within a Google Site. Add attachments, images, and share with others!

 Stay Organized “On-the-Go”

Access your calendar “On- the-Go” using your mobile device and set up text message reminders for events. You can even import class assignments using a Docs gadget.


Create Websites for Yourself or Student Organizations

Use Google Sites to easily create websites for your campus groups or clubs with embedded Docs, Calendars, and gadgets. You can even spruce up the look and feel by using themes and templates when you design it. You can add a blog with an announcements page to share team updates.

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